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Qube insurance agency is a Tanzanian insurance firm specializing in all sorts of insurance in Tanzania.

The Qube insurance agent limited is an insurance agent of jubilee insurance Tanzania company limited, a market leader with a 15% market share consisting of highly qualified executives and officers with experience and technical solutions for insurance needs of individual, corporate, and industrial sectors covering medical, motor, property, accident, and liability, among other classes.


The Qube insurance Agent executive team is comprised of qualified workers and stockholders with diverse educational, professional, and technical backgrounds.

To provide exceptional customer service, Qube insurance provides its staff with a harmonious working environment and the chance to develop their skills through extensive training and use of our client's global best practises.

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To provide quality insurance and secure future of our customers with innovative products and services



A company of choice to deliver peace of mind to communities and businesses in Tanzania

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  • Respect 

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork 

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment

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Our insurance company uses cutting-edge technology to speed up the procedure and is constantly expanding its capacity to meet your specific insurance needs.

CEO Statement

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Clarence Ichwekeleza, CEO |Phone: +255 784 289 104

Qube Insurance Agency is set out on a mission to redefine the insurance landscape in Tanzania.

Through years of hard work and unwavering commitment of Eng Clarence Ichwekeleza, the CEO and founder of Qube, the agency has grown to become a beacon of security and trust, providing tailored insurance solutions that protect dreams and enhance lives.


Today, Qube Insurance Agency continues to lead and shape the future of insurance in Tanzania and foster prosperity in the communities it serves.

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