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Fire & Allied Perils, BI and PVT

First Policy is Fire & Allied perils (single policy), which provides cover against losses and/or damages due to fire, lightning, and allied perils such as earthquakes, storms, floods, damage by aircraft, impact by vehicles, the second policy is the Package fire policies that cover teh below

Assets all risks

It covers factories, industries, hotels, and other different types of business properties against fire & allied perils, loss of profits, theft, loss of money, accidental breakage of glass, accidental damage to office machines and equipment.

Office Combined Insurance

For office building against fire & allied perils, theft, accidental damages of office machines and equipment and can also have liability extension

Business Interruption Insurance

Covers financial loss due to interruption or interference with the business carried on by the insured at the premises specified and covered under the Fire and Allied perils insurance, in consequence of loss, destruction or damage indemnifiable under the said policy.

Domestic Package

It covers individual’s houses against fire & allied perils and theft. Some other additional covers in Domestic package are All Risks, Workmen’s Compensation and Liability.

Building Combined

Suitable mainly for Real Estates particularly for apartment owners. Covers them against fire & allied perils, the against contents in these apartments, accidental damages to different equipment and has liability extension

Political Violence & Terrorism

It is an insurance policy designed to indemnify the insured in respect of all direct physical loss or damage and subsequent business interruption losses resulting from the following: Act of Terrorism, Riots & Strikes, Sabotage, Malicious damage, Mutiny and Insurrection

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